The New NRA Ad: Your Thoughts?

Recently, the NRA aired a new TV spot, which was meant to promote arming teachers and remove gun-free zones from schools. Admittedly, I first read about this in Upworthy, and was a bit dumb-struck by what I saw. Here’s what I mean:

This controversial piece has caught heat from The Atlantic, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Chris Christie, and nearly other news source around the country. The ad, which tells the nation to ‘stand up and fight’ not only brings the Obama children into the gun debate, but also brings more children into the spotlight again by expressing a clear dissatisfaction with gun-free zones.

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Viral Monday: Asians In The Library

In light of the recent Hollister incident in South Korea, this week’s Viral Monday is:

Asians In The Library

This week’s Viral Monday is an older clip of a naive blonde Alexandra Wallace from UCLA producing what became one of the most offensive videos to grace YouTube in a long time. What started out as a rant at a webcam soon became a wildly criticized act which spurred many reactions videos. To get a sense of what I mean, watch the clip below:

Quickly, angry responses flooded in from offended students, YouTube viewers, and close friends of those Wallace had objectified, leading to a flaming (or angry commenting) of her original YouTube video (which has since been removed) and shocked comments from the UCLA Chancellor.
Now, starting with ‘hordes of Asians’ may have been her first flaw, but it is undoubtably the ‘ching chong’ comment prompted one of the more hilarious videos to meant to combat the negative image Wallace had created.

Though the clip has since lay dormant, it has served as a power lesson of racist behavior on YouTube, perhaps serving as warning to those who would seek to divulge their highly offensive bigotry on social media.

Electric Zoo 2012 Recap

Greetings from the mass of 100,000 in attendance at Electric Zoo 2012 this year!

Hey all! Apologies for the delay on posts! I was working extra-hard to bring you a video montage recap of Electric Zoo 2012! Check out the images and video below for the full experience. For reference, I was roughly 20 feet from stage!! Footage includes Tiesto, Skrillex, Bingo Players, W&W, Dev, and Sander Van Doorn (also pardon how shaky it was, the crowd was pretty excited). For full streaming of most of the sets, check out enkay’s collection of EZoo streams!


The White Panda

Sander Van Doorn

Bingo Players




Viral Monday: Gangnam Style

Introducing a new segment of City Gopher: Viral Monday!

Every Monday I’m highlighting a viral phenomenon on the internet. It might be amazing, it might be abhorrent, it may even be wild and wacky. This week its:

PSY’s Gangnam Style

Don’t worry, this will all be explained. Image courtesy of Dig Boston.

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Hey I Just Met You

…And this is crazy, but here’s my URL, so blogroll me maybe?

Ok but actually, I’ve been noticing that Carly Rae Jepsen may have just concocted the most successfully nerdy-chic pickup line of 2012. Between the memes, spin-offs, parodies, and response videos, “Call Me Maybe” has become a viral international phenomenon. Whether it’s the Harvard Baseball Team or Tay Zonday, some the parody videos have kicked off to as many as  14 million views, people have begun making business cards, and I have even been approached by boys trying to be witty at bars with the famous line (and yes I have even used it as a pickup line in social situations).

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Social Currency and The Mobile Storefront

I’m still pretty surprised I haven’t finished The Digital Divide yet! Normally I inhale books, but somehow my post-collegiate brain told me to don the hipster glasses and wax philosophical over some readings I found interesting. So hipster glasses away, and here is a critical observation/reading of a selection of three works by Douglas Rushkoff featured in the book: They Call Me Cyberboy(1996), The People’s Net(2001), and Social Currency(2003).

I’m going to don the hipster shades for this one.

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We Are All Animals: Electric Zoo!

Hey guys! You may have heard me excitedly posting that I will be attending Electric Zoo this year, but just in case you missed it: IM GOING TO BE AT ELECTRIC ZOO HECK YEA!

Yea, its pretty big. This is a picture taken at Electric Zoo 2010. Image courtesy of D-Series.

To explain briefly what Electric Zoo is, essentially it is one massive music event (concert is not a fully viable word for this magnitude). It features a colossal lineup of big names like Skrillex, 3Lau, Steve Aoki, and David Guetta. I could try to explain how the entire event is one dreamy techno/dubstep-filled atmosphere of joy and exuberance…or you could just watch the trailer:

Thinking you might want to join in on the fun? Here are some things you should do before booking your tickets:

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UPDATE: Like A Starstruck Fangirl; Talking to Jane Lui

UPDATE: view the full interview of Jane Lui here!

I swear to god I’ll stay composed throughout this post. Image courtesy of Pacific Ties.

As some of you may know, though most of you may not, I am a huge fan of Jane Lui. Some may know her from her YouTube channel ‘Luiland for Dreamers’, while others may know her from her performance of “History Of Lyrics That Aren’t Lyrics“. Her music is usually unique, artistic, and look as handmade as they sound (she uses everything from kazoo to suitcases for her original sound). Yesterday, I got to interview her.

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