We Are All Animals: Electric Zoo!

Hey guys! You may have heard me excitedly posting that I will be attending Electric Zoo this year, but just in case you missed it: IM GOING TO BE AT ELECTRIC ZOO HECK YEA!

Yea, its pretty big. This is a picture taken at Electric Zoo 2010. Image courtesy of D-Series.

To explain briefly what Electric Zoo is, essentially it is one massive music event (concert is not a fully viable word for this magnitude). It features a colossal lineup of big names like Skrillex, 3Lau, Steve Aoki, and David Guetta. I could try to explain how the entire event is one dreamy techno/dubstep-filled atmosphere of joy and exuberance…or you could just watch the trailer:

Thinking you might want to join in on the fun? Here are some things you should do before booking your tickets:

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Air Conditioning and Heatwaves

At Goucher, I lived most of my four years in air-conditioned housing. Though we often don’t think much of how important air conditioning can be during the summer, this week I was promptly reminded. In New York City, when it gets hot outside, it seems that the entire city converts itself into a mass frying pan: the streets feel as though they are more suited to fry and egg and bacon on then walk across. Because the air conditioning has been acting up in the office I work at, I’ve decided to stay in the magic that is central air conditioning at my parent’s house.

NYC is immensely hot during the summer, as I have learned. Image courtesy of BWOG.

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