A Word on Transparency and Professionalism



The word ‘transparency’ is thrown a lot in the social media world, a tantalizing buzzword meant to embrace authenticity, or put simply ‘realness’. In terms of brands, companies, and influential professionals, this means being accessible to others by what you share on your media platforms of choice. Put simply, transparency could be characterized as being truthful and genuine to the outside world, or appearing to have nothing to hide.

And transparency is a beautiful thing.

Until it isn’t.

In a 2013 report from Fox Business, it was estimated that Americans in particular spend approximately 16 minutes of every hour on a social media site (like Facebook, Twitter, etc.).  The more readily available social media has become, the faster we embrace it, spending more and more time sharing our lives with the outside world. And this is a great thing in principle, giving us an inside look into some of our favorite celebrities on their own terms separate from the invasive lens of the paparazzi. At a glance, social media enables even the most distant figures of our world accessibility like never before. For example, did you know you could tweet at the pope, the president, and Oprah with just the touch of a button?

There is a Downside

I’m not sure whether our ability to share has prompted us to share more, our defenses have been lowered by promises of confidentiality, or whether younger adopters of social media have less inhibitions, but transparency has shown a darker side to those we share the Internet with.  Where before, it was common for users to adopt a ‘if you wouldn’t want your mom to see it, don’t share it’ policy, many users now share images that could greatly negatively impact their future careers; drinking pictures from high school and/or college, explicit photos and video, and even viciously hateful remarks about others via Facebook, Twitter, and the newly adopted Snapchat apps.

About Snapchat…

You may or may not have heard of the app recently applauded as ‘the new instagram’, but if you are a parent, you probably should. The app’s primary function is to send and receive videos and photos, which self-destruct after 10 seconds. As you might imagine, like with the ‘confidentiality’ claims of Facebook, this isn’t entirely true; with the right smartphone, its possible to take a screenshot of a compromising image and publish it to another social media website, often with dire consequences.

Going Forward

If you choose to be transparent on social media, make sure you make smart decisions about what you post, where you post it, and what the implications might be. If you are seeking a job, or maintaining a professional presence, it may be wise to avoid posting compromising photos involving alcohol, illegal activities, or that portray you in a way that could be easily misconstrued. It’s also important to note that ‘protecting’ your tweets on Twitter, creating a ‘limited’ profile on Facebook, and even trusting in Snapchat’s ‘vanishing’ images will not prevent someone from finding images that could put you in a compromising position. The safest way to use social media is by always putting your best face forward and presenting content about yourself and others in the best light possible.

In fact, maybe even show your mom before you post it, because chances are she’ll eventually see it regardless of what privacy settings you have.

Hope this helps! 🙂






Harnessing LinkedIn

Hello Again!

Did you miss my actually helpful posts? Well good, because I’ve done away with Viral Monday and the lot, and I’m just going to stick to NYC updates and social media helps and how-tos. ENJOY!

So as I’ve been navigating today’s job market, I’ve started to pick up on some valuable networking strategies that should absolutely be at your disposal as you navigate the tricky prospect of getting hired in 2012. Previously I’d mentioned specific job sites (or job boards), learning social media, etc; what I want to really hammer home today, is how to effectively utilize one major tool for employment, LinkedIn.

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Three Easy Ways To Tweet More Effectively

I’ve been noticing an uptick in different no-nos on Twitter recently, and seen many opportunities for companies, individuals, and groups to maximize their twitter interaction. Now granted, I’m only a college grad and ‘what would I know’ about advanced social media campaigns and social media strategy? Well, as it turns out, I know enough not to do these three things:

Let’s get to it! Image courtesy of Creative Guerilla Marketing (they also have a great article if you click this image)

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Make Love and Run The World

It should surprise no one that I’ve finally gotten around to this post. When I interned with Jumpthru.net last winter, I heard in passing that a certain someone on Twitter was notorious for ‘blowing shit up’ It wasn’t long before I began following this incredible woman and came across her two incredible startups: Make Love Not Porn and If We Ran The World.

Image courtesy of Mip Blog (they wrote a great article as well)

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The Glass Cyber-Ceiling

Though the ‘glass ceiling’ may appear to have shattered, it would seem there is still a digital variant present.

Image courtesy of Mashable.

In a recent CBS article, it was noted that despite recent changes among large tech companies and women stepping to the forefront, there are still many women in tech facing major challenges. Weighing in on the situation regarding Marissa Mayer, Kara Swisher at AllThingsD commented comments that someone close to the action said,

“She was pretty much voted off the island, even though she was critical to its earliest successes.”

In other fields, women in tech have faced stereotypes that have led to incorrect assumptions: that women can’t code, women aren’t effective bosses, and that women are only fit to be ‘fluffy’ bloggers. All have been disproved through success stories such as Girl Develop It (coding), new insight on female bosses, and hard-hitting topical blogs that keep up with those of men. Sometimes described as a ‘boys club’, tech has long been an assumed space of 20-something geeky men. In some cases, investors are often slow to accept the idea that the CTO of a new company might be female, or that female-founded tech companies can bring just as much heat as male-founded ones. However, with programs such as Women Innovate Mobile, and a new boom in diverse tech companies stepping into the forefront, perhaps we will witness as the glass cyber ceiling shatter in the wake of success of female founders.

Image courtesy of India Tribune.

Femmetech: Women In Tech

In a recent interview in Forbes, author Bonnie Marcus states that “Like many other male dominated industries, the field of technology presents both challenges and opportunities for women today“.

Image courtesy of Venture Village.

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Nerdy Gopher: NY Tech Meetup

As you know, I’m currently working as the community manager for Appguppy. One of the perks if working with Appguppy is getting a chance to see the company pitch at awesome events like Women Innovate Mobile’s Demo Day, and most recently at the New York Tech Meetup at NYU’s Skirball Performing Arts Center. Not only was I front row and center, I also got a chance to video the full pitch for anyone that might have missed the live webcast. Check it out!

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