Electric Zoo 2012 Recap

Greetings from the mass of 100,000 in attendance at Electric Zoo 2012 this year!

Hey all! Apologies for the delay on posts! I was working extra-hard to bring you a video montage recap of Electric Zoo 2012! Check out the images and video below for the full experience. For reference, I was roughly 20 feet from stage!! Footage includes Tiesto, Skrillex, Bingo Players, W&W, Dev, and Sander Van Doorn (also pardon how shaky it was, the crowd was pretty excited). For full streaming of most of the sets, check out enkay’s collection of EZoo streams!


The White Panda

Sander Van Doorn

Bingo Players




City Gopher in Paradise

Hey all, I will be at a horse show called Horse Shows In The Sun based in Saugerties, NY for this week.

We did training hunters today!

I won’t be blogging much, as I will be riding, taking pictures, and enjoying the mountains.

I will however add little snippets about how I am doing on my horsey blog, ‘Unbridled’.

Stay tuned!