Viral Monday: Copypasta

It’s not what’s for dinner.

Though this tasty shot is of delicious pasta from Ward Street Bistro looks amazing, it has nothing to do with ‘copypasta’. Image courtesy of Ward Street Bistro.

This week’s meme is actually a term to help us build up to a meme (you’ll see what I mean in a week).

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Misadventures in the Kitchen

Anyone from Goucher might remember a Bon Appetit certain staff member by the name of Quincy. For those that don’t, I sincerely apologize you have missed out on the most epic cooking of your life. Back at Goucher, there is a dining hall called Stimson, that despite being a bit…odorous…hosted a brunch every weekend featuring an omelet station. Since graduating, I’ve come to miss the omelets and the friendly staff…but since I have eggs in my fridge and I was hungrier than usual this morning, I decided to try and make an omelet.

My trusty little Caloric stovetop, which is great at cooking,…but not so hot at showing the right time….It was 7 AM when this was taken…

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