The Essential Interview Kit

When you’re hunting for that elusive job, you will need to pack quite the toolkit. Whether you’re toting a plastic folder, a flashy attaché case, or a hybrid of the two, you will need a ‘kit’ to navigate job fairs, interviews, and the occasional run-in with a recruiter on the street. Sure, you may know some of the things to bring in your kit, but do you have the full she-bang to knock ’em dead? Check this handy list I compiled based on what I have heard from friends/family/colleagues/bosses/etc.

Example leather folder/attaché. Image courtesy of High Veld Promotions

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Tattoos Taboo: Workplace Acceptable?

In recent years, I’ve been told time and time again that tattoos have no place in the workplace setting. I’ve seen my inked friends often cover up in long sleeves and makeup concealer, or bear their tattoos and face harsh judgement. However, in a recent MSNBC article, it would seem that tattoos are no longer as taboo in the workplace as we might think.

Are they as taboo as we are lead to believe? Image courtesy of Infinite Tattoos.

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