Viral Monday: Asians In The Library

In light of the recent Hollister incident in South Korea, this week’s Viral Monday is:

Asians In The Library

This week’s Viral Monday is an older clip of a naive blonde Alexandra Wallace from UCLA producing what became one of the most offensive videos to grace YouTube in a long time. What started out as a rant at a webcam soon became a wildly criticized act which spurred many reactions videos. To get a sense of what I mean, watch the clip below:

Quickly, angry responses flooded in from offended students, YouTube viewers, and close friends of those Wallace had objectified, leading to a flaming (or angry commenting) of her original YouTube video (which has since been removed) and shocked comments from the UCLA Chancellor.
Now, starting with ‘hordes of Asians’ may have been her first flaw, but it is undoubtably the ‘ching chong’ comment prompted one of the more hilarious videos to meant to combat the negative image Wallace had created.

Though the clip has since lay dormant, it has served as a power lesson of racist behavior on YouTube, perhaps serving as warning to those who would seek to divulge their highly offensive bigotry on social media.