Team Pan-Am: Olympic Fashion Critique

I am going to preface this entire write-up by apologizing to anyone that will get offended by this post. This doesn’t reflect the sentiment of any company, corporation, family member, neighbor, or random person on the street. This is entirely my opinion, and should be reviewed objectively as such.

Original design by Ralph Lauren, image courtesy of Lansing State Journal

When the designs for the olympic outfits were released, I have to admit that I was quite shocked. Though some of my peers applauded to ‘fashionable’ blazer, the cute shoes, or whatever small accessory adorned the beret, a single word routinely popped up in my mind: Pan-Am. One major issue I have with this, is that there is no reason I should have this mental association. When I see the strong female athletes enter an olympic event, I should only see ‘Team America’ not ‘Team Flight Attendant’. That being said, there is nothing wrong with being a flight attendant: They are lovely and wonderful individuals, and modern flight attendant uniforms have come a long way since the Pan-Am era. However what marched into the London arena last night took me back to the days of Pan-Am, and not in a good way.

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We Are All Animals: Electric Zoo!

Hey guys! You may have heard me excitedly posting that I will be attending Electric Zoo this year, but just in case you missed it: IM GOING TO BE AT ELECTRIC ZOO HECK YEA!

Yea, its pretty big. This is a picture taken at Electric Zoo 2010. Image courtesy of D-Series.

To explain briefly what Electric Zoo is, essentially it is one massive music event (concert is not a fully viable word for this magnitude). It features a colossal lineup of big names like Skrillex, 3Lau, Steve Aoki, and David Guetta. I could try to explain how the entire event is one dreamy techno/dubstep-filled atmosphere of joy and exuberance…or you could just watch the trailer:

Thinking you might want to join in on the fun? Here are some things you should do before booking your tickets:

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