About The ‘City Gopher’

Here I am in front of the Goucher College Equestrian Team bulletin board!

I’m Chaz. I’m a Goucher College graduate, class of 2012. I was a Goucher College Equestrian team member for all four years, and a team captain from 2011-2012. I founded a formerly active fundraiser ‘Healing Hooves ‘and proudly accepted the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association Inaugural National Service Award alongside my teammates in my final year  after 3 years of successful events. I moved into New York City after graduating in May, and I’m on a wild, sometimes misguided adventure into pursuing a career in the  ‘big apple’. I’m currently an assistant media planner at Tangible Media, & am a member of 85Broads, The Levo League, WIM Accelerator, and Goucher Professional Network LinkedIn. I shoot pictures and I tweet (in moderation) and save up for concerts like a maniac.

Image courtesy of Goucher College

As some may or may not know, I did at one point moonlight as the Goucher College mascot, which is a giant gopher. I'm in the city, and I'm a gopher, hence 'City Gopher'. No you will not see any pictures of this.

I also write for ‘Unbridled‘ (formerly Goucher Unbridled) a horse blog that is about updates and other equestrian news. Its a bit different from this one.

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