Common Blogger Misconceptions

I apologize for the sporatic postings (I promise I’ll edit faster!!)

But since I’m back in the swing of things, here’s and extra post because I’m feeling nice:

Being a blogger is a lot of fun: you get to express your opinions freely and openly, and get cool feedback sometimes when you get comments. You get to be a journalist by your own rules, and you even get to pick what topics you talk about! There are tons of different bloggers out there, and with many bloggers come many assumptions, preconceptions, misconceptions, and stereotypes. Here are some of the most common I’ve encountered:

We’re Lazy

Believe it or not, when I put up a post on my blog, more often than not it has been written as many as 3 days to a week in advance. It has undergone several revisions, and may have even been scrapped, re-written, and then re-formatted. For many bloggers that are not staff writers or affiliated with a large community or company, the blog(s) I maintain are not my only job. Personally, I maintain 2 of my own blogs, and contribute to 3 others. So I wouldn’t say I’m lazy.

We Have Tons of Free Time

Like I mentioned earlier, this isn’t my only job. Most often my blogs are written on weekends, before I go to bed, or pieced together over the course of a week. When I first started this blog, I was working social media for a start-up and wrote my drafts when I got home. Currently, I work as an associate at a PR firm, and many of these drafts are written on the train when I visit parents or at obscure hours on Sundays. We have a lot of ideas, but free time not so much.

We’re Paid

While some bloggers are paid for what they write, most individual bloggers are not paid for their work. I am not paid for anything I write here, on my other blog, or for any contributions I make elsewhere to date. Most of us genuinely love to write, and write because it’s our passion, not because we’re expecting a check. Sorry Carrie Bradshaw, I am not you.

We’re Jerks

Sometimes my opinions don’t match yours, I’m only human. If I happen to disapprove of a current event, or have a pretty hefty two-cents on a social issue, it might offend you. But then again, if writing what’s on my mind makes me a jerk, so be it.

Some Things That We Are:

-We’re humans with dayjobs just like you (and yes for a lucky few, this is our dayjob).

-We’re passionate individuals, and write about our passion whether it be food, fashion, music, or anything in between.

-We’re not all jerks. Some of us are though. We’re sorry about those ones.

-Some of us are Communications majors, and we resent being told our majors were dumb.

Also, We Think You’re Awesome

So as you check out the latest celeb gossip, cookie recipe, or album release on your other favorite blogs, maybe leave a nice comment for the pleasant human that wrote it 🙂 !

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