Twitter For Beginners: Step 2

I realize it probably surprised some people that step two came a little later than expected, and I promise it was for a good reason. Yesterday the fabulous ladies over at The SITS Girls featured City Gopher.

In the words of Charlie Sheen, “WINNING!”

But as a result, I thought it would be best to allow anyone new to the blog to read step 1 thoroughly and get a chance to ask some questions if they had any before step two went live. It turned out to be a pretty good idea.

Some of your questions from step one as follows:

1. Can I use two hashtags instead of one?

2. Is the addressing for tweeting case-sensitive?

So to best answer your questions, I’d like to give you a tutorial on hashtags and ‘@’ mentions to show you exactly how they work and how they are different:

How to tag a person in a tweet

The first step to tagging a person in a tweet is actually writing a tweet, so open up the ‘compose tweet’ feature to start your first tweet, but before you start, make sure you know the correct handle for the person you want to mention. Because I am a fan of Barbara Corcoran, I’m going to use her for this example. First, I’m going to research her correct hashtag by searching for her on Twitter:


So now that I have her correct twitter handle, @BarbaraCorcoran, I am going to write her a tweet:


S0 because I’m a great big dorky fan of her, I went ahead and wrote this. Now you’ll notice, as I start to write the ‘@mention’ that Twitter starts to guess who I am writing to based on the characters I’ve already entered. While this is a handy feature, never automatically select who twitter suggests. Doing so could send this tweet to someone else instead (and trust me you don’t want to be tweeting “I love you” to the wrong celebrity!). Now that is done, send it and see how it looks:


And voila, one hapless fangirl tweet for Barbara Corcoran!

How to Use Hashtags

So with hashtags, you have to remember that what you’re tagging are topics of conversation, places, ideas….essentially hashtags act as a way to index things (kind of like Encarta, but less academic). So say I want to make a bold statement about my favorite show Shark Tank (if you read my other blog post, you know my opinion already).

tweet2hastagSo what I want to do, is index this statement with hashtags to mention its relevancy to ‘SharkTankABC’ (most people simply tag shark tank, but I feel adding the network helps a bit), women, and investors. I have noticed that between the hashtags ‘women’ and ‘female’ there tends to be more usage of the word ‘women’…but since I’m using this as an example, I’ll use ‘female’ since it seems more grammatically correct:

HashtagmultitweetSo to answer the previous question, you can use multiple hashtags, and it is not necessary that anything be uppercase/lowercase as the tagging system is not case sensitive. My only caution, is leave spaces in between tags, and never ever attempt to ‘double tag’ or tag an ‘@’ mention (ex. never use ‘#@BarbaraCorcoran, simple tag @BarbaraCorcoran with #SharkTankABC). After we’ve finished that, let’s look at the finished (and sent) tweet:


And voila! You’ve tagged your statement as a conversation relevant to females, investors, and people talking about Shark Tank!

(In case you are wondering, yes I did actually send both of these tweets.)

Your Homework

So now that you understand tagging, as your ‘homework’ go follow 5 people you find influencial. How to do you follow someone? Remember when we searched for Barbara earlier?


If you look in the bottom right corner, you’re going to see a box which will read ‘follow’ and will be gray. Click this button, and it will be replaced by a blue button that says ‘Following’. This will allow you to receive their tweets, tag these people more efficiently, (and only  if they follow you back) direct message them privately).

If you currently follow me on twitter, tag #CityGopher and I will happily follow you back. I ask you to tag that, so that I will know that you are one of my blog readers, and so I can follow you back in case you have questions!

I hope this helps!

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