Steps After Sandy: Race 2 Recover

As you might’ve noticed, I had some difficulty getting to my blog for a bit. Apologies, I’ll try and keep it up a bit better this week.

Because everyone has been effected by Hurricane / Superstorm / Frankenstorm Sandy in one way or another (whether that be mild annoyance at flickering lights or the devastation of a loss of home, power, or loved ones). It didn’t feel right to post about something trivial, so this week I’m just highlighting different relief efforts you can help to restore those affected by Sandy to normality.

Today, I’m highlighting a special cause called ‘Race 2 Recover‘. This initiative hopes to rehome displaced New Yorkers by encouraging marathon runners who were unable to attend the NYC Marathon to donate their rooms or donate money to displaced and distraught New York residents.

If you know anyone who was planning to run in the marathon that no longer needs their hotel room, please visit their website.

Similarly, if you know anyone who needs a home as a result of Sandy, also visit their website.

And most importantly, if you want to give money to displaced NY residents, …visit their website.

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