Three Songs That Will Fix Your Day

The other day I mentioned how you should keep your head up, hang in there, and stay positive about your outlook on life. Well in case that is proving to be rather difficult, I have some good news for you. Part of how I was able to get through rough patches in my day and life in general was by listening to music. Everyone has their anthem that gets them through the day, and here are three of my personal anthems for when life gets rough.

Get ready to plug into some good music for your day. Image courtesy of

1. Don’t You Worry Child.

Initially debuted at Swedish House Mafia’s precursor to their ‘One Last Your’ before the three infamous Swedish DJs parted ways, this song has been covered extensively by acoustic cover artists and circulated various music festivals in mashups and remixes. Possibly one of the most powerful songs I’ve heard by the trio, the cover by Beth is by far one of its most heart-wrenching editions.

2. We Own The Night.

Pegged as the ‘clubbers anthem’, this song by EDM sensation Tiësto (and fellow powerhouse Wolfgang Gartner) hails from the CLUB LIFE – Volume Two Miami album, and features vocals from Luciana. A timeless favorite, it was featured in the Electric Zoo 2012 promo video and was played early-on in Tiesto’s set that Sunday.

3. Crave You.

An excellent revamp of the popular Flight Facilities song, this remix by Montreal-based Adventure Club was the stand-out song in various remixes, mashups, and was selected as the Electric Zoo 2012 recap video anthem. Less a pump-up song, and more an ‘attitude’ song, this is the perfect track to stomp the streets to. While there have been various covers of the original, there has not yet been a standout like Adventure Club’s version….yet.

Hopefully this has been helpful! Did I miss a great song? Tell me in the comments!

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