Sexy Little…Whoops, We Went There

So some of you may have noticed a certain controversy cropping up surrounding Victoria’s Secret. If you haven’t let me fill you in:

Oh my how…mildy/very racist….image courtesy of AMOG

This handy-dandy screenshot is from a sale that has since magically disappeared from the Victoria’s Secret website. Unlike other ‘Sexy Little’ bedroom scanties that are also listed on the site such as ‘sailor’ and ‘cowgirl’ (both of which leave little to the imagination) this particular get-up hit a nerve when Angry Asian Man wrote a scathing review:

“But have you seen Victoria’s Secret’s new Go East line of lingerie? Yup. Asian-inspired. With “touches of eastern delight,” whatever the hell that means.

This one above’s probably the worst of the bunch, called Sexy Little Geisha. Seriously. And it’s not even Halloween yet. Yaaaay, hooray for exotic orientalist bullshit.” Source: Angry Asian Man Blog

CNN soon caught wind of the story along with Jezebel, and Daily Beast, prompting VS to remove the offensive item.

So on a scale of 1 to racist, exactly how offensive do you find this outfit? Let me know in the comments below.

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