Girls Who Code: A Revisit

So I’ve previously mentioned how essential it is to learn how to code, how it impacts opportunities, etc etc etc…

Essentially I threw around awesome groups like  Girls Who CodeGirl Develop It, and Skillcrush, talked about super awesome companies like Plum Alley andWomen Innovate Mobile

Courtesy of the fab-tacular Mashable

But this may come as a total shock to people reading this, but I only know very very basic HTML… I can embed an image and change the color of text. And that’s about it.

I felt that because of this, I should turn over the hard facts to the professionals. And so without further ado, I present a super professional infographic further explaining why dunderheads like me really should learn code from the fabulous people over at Online College:

Courtesy of the marvelous folks over at They’ve got more tech fabulous stuff if you click this image.

Like it? Go to their site, since they provided the fab graphic and give them some super awesome feedback!

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