Spiders, Mosquitos, and Broken AC

Some of you may have seen some images going up on Facebook :


So the short version of what’s been happening is:

because my AC unit was never fully sealed, bugs have been moving in with me since the day I started living in the apartment. My legs have been swarmed, my left hand has been thoroughly assaulted, and my arms aren’t faring much better. I shower in citronella bug spray before I go to sleep, and I practically bathe in Benadryl cooling spray.

I discovered that my AC unit was broken when a deluge of water erupted from the unsealed bottom during a recent rainstorm. Nothing brightens an already gross day of weather quite like entering your apartment and being greeted with a fresh ‘Lake Kellogg’ flooding out in front of you. Truly nothing.

So I will pray to the landlord gods that I actually get it fixed, otherwise I may need to invest in living in a bubble like bubble boy.

I apologize for the sparsity of posts, but I was fairly occupied with clawing at my legs these past few weeks. 

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