Fashion’s Night Out

So some may have heard about a “little get-together” in New York City known as Fashion’s Night Out. It’s a smattering of parties for fashionable individuals who want to meet and greet the hottest new names as well as the quintessential ‘who’s whos’ of the fashion industry. In line with this up-beat event I will be attending one such event tomorrow night from 6-8 pm hosted by as a member of the social media team.

This is magical image is made by Tina.

The event will feature marvelous works of Monique Pean, a stellar DJ and mixologist, manicures, makeovers, and the incredible graphics of Tina Gong. Who is a badass, it should be noted.

If you would like to join me, click the super subtle link below or follow @PlumAlleyco to stay up-to-date on this fabulous event.

CLICK ME (image courtesy of the place you’re clicking, duh)

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