Three Easy Ways To Tweet More Effectively

I’ve been noticing an uptick in different no-nos on Twitter recently, and seen many opportunities for companies, individuals, and groups to maximize their twitter interaction. Now granted, I’m only a college grad and ‘what would I know’ about advanced social media campaigns and social media strategy? Well, as it turns out, I know enough not to do these three things:

Let’s get to it! Image courtesy of Creative Guerilla Marketing (they also have a great article if you click this image)

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So here are three huge mistakes I’ve been noticing with some twitter campaigns recently:

  • Tweets appear spammy 
  • Over self-promotion
  • Robotic, inhuman tweets

So how does this happen? Well with the emergence of tools like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite (and other related software) many of these Twitter handles (usernames) have lost the humanity of their tweets to features like ‘scheduled tweets’ and forgotten to actually interact with their audience. Other features such as Twitter Karma have even enabled users to see if you actually interact with their tweets or not. It’s all gotten a bit Mr. Roboto for me.

The reference to Mr. Roboto is from a Styx song. Image courtesy of Freemen Press

So how do you maximize your tweets without sacrificing your ‘warm human touch’? Well, here are a few ways that might help:

  1. Write original tweets. Now, if you are using a scheduler such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, etc. write original (i.e. ‘human’) tweets and save them into your scheduler’s que. Instead of “Sign up for XYZ HERE LINK” 4 times in a day, try instead engaging your audience with “Have you signed up yet for XYZ LINK” or “How do you like our new sign-up page for XYZ, we’d love to hear your comments” (and you could even go with words like ‘hi friends’ or ‘hey guys’ depending on your audience). What often gets lost in ‘call-to-action’ tweets is the sense that the company asking people to do an action is actually checking to see if those actions were performed. You can combat this as well by mentioning how many have signed up thus far in between the scheduled tweets (ex. “Woah! 123 sign-ups in the last hour! You guys are awesome! Keep it going LINK”).
  2. Interact with people. If you see that someone has tweeted at you, tweet them back (or tweet an over-arching ‘thank you for the mentions guys’ tweet…or SOMETHING). Even if you get a flaming angry tweet, triage it with a polite ‘send me an email to air your concerns’ or ‘we are so sorry, how can we help you’ tweet. The only kind of tweet to not respond to would be tweets that fling expletives and tell others that you suck. In those cases, sometimes it’s just better to let them blow off some steam and then engage your happy audience members.
  3. Don’t toot your own horn too loudly. By this I mean, try not to blast out self-promoting tweets all day. Pick a few times in the day (say like, lunch, late lunch, dinner, after dinner) to place one “Hey check us out” tweet. For the rest of the day, try interacting with ‘tastemakers’ or twitter users / news sources that are relevant to your company. If you’re a music company, that could mean tweeting at a musician with “Love your new track!” or “We’d love to talk with you about your new single”. If you are a finance / business company, maybe share some articles on new business trends, or tweet at your mentors. At any rate, don’t scream for attention like a kid can’t get the toy they want at FAO Schwartz. Another great way to appear more human, less spammy, and ‘more hip’ is to interact the hashtags (the words with ‘#’ in front) that are relevant to your company.

I hope that this helps, and remember….don’t pay to have your tweets promoted unless you’re already a big deal! They largely get ignored and annoy people. 🙂

❤ Chazzie

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