Concert Review: Idle Warship

Hey, so apologies in advance, there will be no Viral Monday or Uncommon Verbiage this week. I know you’re probably heartbroken, but we’re going to get through this together.

Update: The surprise guest was Ryan Leslie! I couldn’t hear when they called his name (probs had already blown my eardrums by then) so Talib Kweli was awesome and told me on Twitter!

But on a more exciting note, I saw Idle Warship last night at the Highline Ballroom and fell back in love with them again (or rather, renewed my music dork vows).

All images / video were taken on my handy-dandy Motorola Droid Razrmaxx

The concert was amazing, and I have to say, Idle Warship is always good enough that most opening acts are little more than a tease for what everyone really came to see: Talib Kweli and Res enjoy themselves on stage. They ran through some newer songs off of Habits of the Heart, a few fan-favorites from Party Robots (still cry a little when I hear ‘Graph is bangin’ and there is no Graph Nobel), as well as debuting a never-before-heard track.

Res taking a breath alongside Idle Warship’s skilled guitarist (sorry don’t know the name)

*Surprise guest Ryan Leslie or rather summoned by the screams of fans) and performed while Res and Talib sat and enjoyed the performance on stage ‘like fans’.

My favorite moment? Beautifully Bad is forever my favorite song off of Habits of the Heart, and hearing it made me NEED to record it. I still have the signed copy in my car, which is played daily on my way to and from the Hamilton train station when I visit my family in NJ.

Something that I love about this band is just how approachable they are. Res held someone’s hand while performing, Talib high-fived fans during his line on of the songs, the band came out to high-five fans afterwards…and at the last show at SOB’s...Talib Kweli gave me a hug. No really, like a bear-hug.

If you haven’t heard Idle Warship’s stuff before, or are an exclusive Talib Kweli / Res fan….welcome to the warship.

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