Make Love and Run The World

It should surprise no one that I’ve finally gotten around to this post. When I interned with last winter, I heard in passing that a certain someone on Twitter was notorious for ‘blowing shit up’ It wasn’t long before I began following this incredible woman and came across her two incredible startups: Make Love Not Porn and If We Ran The World.

Image courtesy of Mip Blog (they wrote a great article as well)

Yes, I am talking about Cindy Gallop.

Image courtesy of BBC (another awesome article, btw)

If you’ve never heard of Cindy Gallop before, perhaps it is time to crawl out from under your rock and meet the ‘Michael Bay of Business’ who likes to ‘blow shit up’ (according her twitter bio, that is). A respected advertising genius, outspoken entrepreneur, and overall badass, Cindy Gallop has given several TED talks, shown the world her incredible all-black apartment, and continues to send shock waves through the twittersphere (yes I just made that word up) daily.

The first of her two startups is the radical new website, Make Love Not Porn. Image courtesy of Dipity

What perhaps inspires me most about Cindy Gallop, is her incredible speaking presence and ability to command the stage, campaigning for ‘de-homogenized sex’ and crowdsourcing initiatives with equal vigor.

A screencap from If We Ran The World. Image courtesy of Lady Lux (who has a great write-up on it)

Though I have never had the honor of meeting Cindy Gallop, I continue to be awed by her determination and inspired by her undertakings, and hope that maybe someday I may have the pleasure.

To hear the full presentation of Cindy’s initiatives watch the TED talks below:

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