Uncommon Verbiage: ‘Dead-Ass’

Hey! Just to shake things up even more! I’ve decided that once in a week, in addition to ‘Viral Monday’ I will also be defining a word that may be uncommon to social majorities. Why? Because some of the words come from unique, colorful social groups that you probably didn’t know much about.

This week’s word is:

‘Dead-ass’ or ‘Dead ass’

If you guessed that this means an deceased donkey, you are incorrect! Image courtesy of Big Slice of Wrong!

Sometimes used as a way to imply complete seriousness or being absolutely correct, and  is more commonly used among city dwellers. I first encountered the word when hanging out with member of a break dance crew in Maryland. One visitor from a New York crew used it several times when explaining something he was very certain of, which is how I was able to learn the definition.

Transaltion: “Yo, are you serious?” Image courtesy of Quick Meme

This colorful expression was also the inspiration for the amazing Tumblr blog, “I’m Dead Ass, You Tight?” a blog written by a high school teacher about things her students say in class.

Got any other uncommon verbiage for me to review? Let me know!

And don’t forget, write like a woman!

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