Viral Monday: Gangnam Style

Introducing a new segment of City Gopher: Viral Monday!

Every Monday I’m highlighting a viral phenomenon on the internet. It might be amazing, it might be abhorrent, it may even be wild and wacky. This week its:

PSY’s Gangnam Style

Don’t worry, this will all be explained. Image courtesy of Dig Boston.

At a mind-blowing 16 million views, ‘Gangnam Style‘ is a music video from wild and wacky South Korean musician, PSY. What you might not know about PSY (whose real name is Park Jae-Sang) is that he received his education in the United States, and is rumored to have graduated from both Boston College and Berklee College of Music. He is well-known for his ridiculous stage antics, and sometimes impersonates female artists.

Is PSY the new one-man LMFAO of South Korea? Image courtesy of KPopStarz

Amid the star-studded cast of the music video, members of K-Pop sensation Big Bang, 4Minute, and several television personalities from South Korea appear alongside PSY. The video is set in the upper-middle class neighborhood of Seoul, South Korea (hence the horse stable, preppy short shorts, fancy drinks, and other splendor shown in the video).

So what is ‘Gangnam Stlye/ exactly? Perhaps some of these reaction videos can help explain!

3 thoughts on “Viral Monday: Gangnam Style

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