Where Are The Women?

Recently, TechCrunch’s David McClure challenged women everywhere to “put your money where your mouth is”, NASDAQ’s Paul Goodwin posited the question, “who are better investors, women or men?”, and Forbes’ Geri Stengel informed us that women were “smart investments” in all senses of the word.

Image courtesy of the Examiner

So where are the women investors we keep hearing about? How are we trying to connect them to female entrepreneurs? Jumpthru has answered that question for us in a recent article announcing the release of their Digital Database of Female Investors:

Image courtesy of Jumpthru.net

Jumpthru recently stated that they are often asked by readers who the women investing in women are, and compiled this database from public sources to help connect women entrepreneurs with the strong female connections they need.

In our research we uncovered over 500 women who are professional and active investors from all stages. We did our best to present what we found from public data sources, however, we take no responsibility for the accuracy of the data we used from those sources. We created the digital database of female investors which is presented here. We uploaded a handful of the women investors so we could test the user interface and see how the database performs. We are nowhere near complete on this, but we thought we would still share it with our community and ask for your help identifying the women who should be included here. In a way, this is a crowd sourced database of women investors, many of whom have invested in female founded companies.

Are you a female investor? Are you a female entrepreneur? Help Jumpthru complete the list by adding your name to the database!

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