Eaten Alive: Outdoor Misadventures

So I decided the other night to enjoy the fresh night air in a skirt and platforms. Unfortunately, every mosquito on the eastern seaboard also discovered it was a nice night out also: after a few minutes of being outside I was left with insect bites everywhere. Deciding it wasn’t that bad, I stayed out just a bit longer.

Image courtesy of Oilart

Now, my poor legs are covered in angry welt-like bites (which yes, I clawed at extensively, because it itched so badly), and in the wake of the gorgeous summer weather I am confined to pants and leggings until the heal. Sadly, this also means that swimming may have to wait until after they heal, and may even mean that I am restricted to pants at the Horse Shows In The Sun (HITS) competition I will be attending next week.

Image courtesy of Tumblr

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