The Glass Cyber-Ceiling

Though the ‘glass ceiling’ may appear to have shattered, it would seem there is still a digital variant present.

Image courtesy of Mashable.

In a recent CBS article, it was noted that despite recent changes among large tech companies and women stepping to the forefront, there are still many women in tech facing major challenges. Weighing in on the situation regarding Marissa Mayer, Kara Swisher at AllThingsD commented comments that someone close to the action said,

“She was pretty much voted off the island, even though she was critical to its earliest successes.”

In other fields, women in tech have faced stereotypes that have led to incorrect assumptions: that women can’t code, women aren’t effective bosses, and that women are only fit to be ‘fluffy’ bloggers. All have been disproved through success stories such as Girl Develop It (coding), new insight on female bosses, and hard-hitting topical blogs that keep up with those of men. Sometimes described as a ‘boys club’, tech has long been an assumed space of 20-something geeky men. In some cases, investors are often slow to accept the idea that the CTO of a new company might be female, or that female-founded tech companies can bring just as much heat as male-founded ones. However, with programs such as Women Innovate Mobile, and a new boom in diverse tech companies stepping into the forefront, perhaps we will witness as the glass cyber ceiling shatter in the wake of success of female founders.

Image courtesy of India Tribune.

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