So You Think You Can Blog?

Hipster glasses time!

As more and more people turn to blogs to share inspiration, stories, and valuable information, its only natural that there are some things new bloggers should keep in mind. In my brief experience of blogging, I’ve learned a few handy tips for building a decent audience and maximizing your blogging potential. Here are some of them:

Stay fresh. Much like bread, milk, or anything most people like, blogs can go stale if left unattended. Try to make a habit of posting regularly. Make sure to post at minimum once a week, and keep your posts new and interesting (unless you are posting about historical events…then maybe not).

Stay topical. If you are blogging about finance or world politics, don’t blog about your cat. Seems pretty simple, but often blogs can lose their integrity if their topic focus becomes lost. Write what you know, and keep it on topic.

After 300 words, add a pagebreak. No one wants to read a novella, so if you have a long post, add a pagebreak after 300 words. Adding a picture before a pagebreak also helps it stay engaging, and sometimes encourages more people to click through.

If you wouldn’t say it to your mom’s face, then don’t say it at all. Unless you drop f-bombs in front of your mother, try to keep your expletives minimal. But hey, if you let loose !@#, @#$%, and !@$%^$!#* in public and in front of your mother, go wild.

SEO doesn’t mean “Say Everything Outrageously”. What it actually means is Search Engine Optimization. Add ‘tags’ of words relating to your article: add as many of these suckers as you can think of, and it will get you more attention from search engines, meaning more readers.

Don’t muckrake. Unless your entire blog centers around government conspiracies, political muckraking, and otherwise extreme viewpoints…don’t put yourself in a internet firing squad for hate mail. Just don’t.

Cover your bases. Hyperlink anything and everything that isn’t yours: blog articles, pictures, quotes, etc. Unless you said it or took the picture yourself, it never hurts to hyperlink. Otherwise ‘all your base are belong to us’. See what I did there?

Of course, you’re probably wondering why I have any right to tell you to do anything. Well, this blog averages a minimum of 12 views on a bad day, and a maximum of 121+ views on a good day. The average view count I get a day is usually 50+ views. So basically I have fairly consistent readers, and I think you should too. Feel free to ask me anything! Leave any questions of comments in the ‘Leave a Reply’ box.

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