The Grand Hair Mishap

So I was going to keep mum, but I figured you;d enjoy it and broke the silence: I tried to use a temporary hair color product recently, and was met with a hilarious backfire. So I tested out the ‘one night only’ highlighting foam applicator from Alterna just before the NY Tech Meetup in an attempt to cover my elegant gray streak (I don’t like looking like Rogue). The video made it look super easy, which is kind of a total dirty lie. Now in Alterna’s defense, I was probably supposed to use the one intended for brunettes, but that didn’t excuse the absurd process of putting the stuff in.

This was not the color I was looking for…

So when I went to put in the stuff, the application exploded into a massive foamy cloud of blonde highlights, thoroughly coating everything: my hair, the sink, the floor, and some of my tank top. After combing it through like a crazy woman, I let the foam set in and prayed. Yes, I prayed a little that I wouldn’t look weird. As it turns out I looked like a gray-haired crazy person. When I got to NY Tech Meetup, my bosses were stunned and were wondering if my hair had always been this bizarre color or if something had happened (or perhaps if I had endured that much stress in the course of 24 hours). I was too lazy to wash it out and went to sleep in my shower cap so as not to get blonde residue foam on everything. The next morning I looked at every surface of my bathroom (which I had desperately tried to clean and failed at) and was met with a weird gray/blonde/silver sheen on everything including my comb. A closer look at my hair revealed it was wonky and gray as ever.

This is after I got over the initial shock of my funky frosted hair.

After scrubbing a good 2-3 days in the shower, I have finally returned to a normal non-funky brunette shade (gray streak and all) much to the content of my co-workers. Hope your week hasn’t been filled with mishaps!

Back to normal!

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