“You Look Like Rogue From X-men!”

It’s not often that women my age start to go gray. I’ve known women to don the “wisdom streaks” as early as 18. Some people say it makes me look ‘more mature’ or smarter. Others tell me I look like Rogue from X-men.

The original Rogue. Image courtesy of Marvel Dictionary.

Now you would think I’d be flattered to remind people of a superhero, but there are 3 universal reasons I’m not. Here they are:

Rogue sucks. Literally. Image courtesy of Marvel Wikia.

1. Rogue sucks people’s energies out of them until they die and steals all their powers. She doesn’t have her own powers, she has to steal them from others. And she has to wear gloves, otherwise she pretty much instantly kills them.

Rogue as a teen. Image courtesy of Xmen Wikia.

2. Rogue in the original series is a poorly dressed punk, then is recast as a gloomy goth kid, and in the feature film she is even more gloomy than the previous two incarnations.

Can’t really argue with Storm. She’ll electrocute you. Image courtesy of Fighters Generation.

3. She isn’t as cool as Storm. Storm can create giant storms, fly, and gets glowing eyes. Unless Rogue touches storm, she is just a gloomy emo kid wearing gloves.

Now granted, Rogue could touch all the X-men and be all of them at once, but what about basic things? Rogue can’t go on normal dates obviously without the prospect of awkwardly absorbing her date’s powers. Envision this, trying to hold hands without accidentally killing or stealing from anyone: Rogue can’t even kiss people without draining them in the X2: X-Men United movie (and even after the cure is given in Xmen the Last Stand, Magneto regains his powers, leading to speculation that Rogue will regain hers).

From the movie. Image courtesy of XMen Wikia.

So next time you tell a gray-haired girl she looks like Rogue from X-Men, realize you are comparing them to an emo kid that sucks the life out of people.

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