UPDATE: Like A Starstruck Fangirl; Talking to Jane Lui

UPDATE: view the full interview of Jane Lui here!

I swear to god I’ll stay composed throughout this post. Image courtesy of Pacific Ties.

As some of you may know, though most of you may not, I am a huge fan of Jane Lui. Some may know her from her YouTube channel ‘Luiland for Dreamers’, while others may know her from her performance of “History Of Lyrics That Aren’t Lyrics“. Her music is usually unique, artistic, and look as handmade as they sound (she uses everything from kazoo to suitcases for her original sound). Yesterday, I got to interview her.

Jane Lui, in one of her YouTube videos from Luiland for Dreamers. Image courtesy of Channel APA

Part of the fun of working for Appguppy, is that I get the unique chance to speak to some of my favorite artists who have released or are considering creating apps with their platform. Thus far, I’ve gotten to speak with Kishi Bashi, Tom Conlon, Skool’d, Mordus, and even Sean Skyler. However, from one nerd to another, I’m in love with Lui’s imaginative music.

I will be posting, or rather ‘re-pressing’ or whatever its called as soon as the full interview hits the Appguppy Tumblr!

Stay tuned!

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