Beauty is Pain, But This Is Ridiculous!

Naturalizer, consider yourself a boycotted brand. My feet don’t trust you now.

As you might have guessed, I had a mishap today in which I hurt myself. I didn’t do anything overly stupid though, I just wore a pair of shoes that I knew weren’t comfy. I even wore thick fluffy socks to try to prevent blisters. However, these shoes must have been guest designed by Satan because even with sock they managed to shred apart my feet. This one is going to have a few kind of icky pictures. You’ve been warned.

I hate you, I hate you, I hate you….terrible awful footwear


So despite band-aids, thick socks, and eventually walking home barefoot, I somehow managed to shear off most of the skin on my right big toe. Its gross-looking, and I highly doubt I can wear anything my daring than a converse sneaker for the next few days. Hopefully, I’ll be ably to tape it enough so that my July 4th won’t be riddled with expletives (unlike today where the walk from station to my apartment was a constant stream of every foul word under the sun).

Image courtesy of Curry College Career Services

I guess I’m not accustomed to getting to snot kicked out of me by low heels; when you put on mile-high stilettos, you understand that you will be in some excruciating pain later in the night. However with little kitten heels, it seems hardly worth the effort to risk such pain and anguish. And of all the shoes I could have imagined, I would have expected miserable damage from a sassy shiny heel…not some ho-hum passive aggressive black plain shoe.

Guess it goes to show you can’t judge a shoe by its heel.

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