Air Conditioning and Heatwaves

At Goucher, I lived most of my four years in air-conditioned housing. Though we often don’t think much of how important air conditioning can be during the summer, this week I was promptly reminded. In New York City, when it gets hot outside, it seems that the entire city converts itself into a mass frying pan: the streets feel as though they are more suited to fry and egg and bacon on then walk across. Because the air conditioning has been acting up in the office I work at, I’ve decided to stay in the magic that is central air conditioning at my parent’s house.

NYC is immensely hot during the summer, as I have learned. Image courtesy of BWOG.

One unintended purpose of the Ath, to escape blistering summer heat during the day!

At least from what I remember, having an all-out heatwave at Goucher just meant you wore less clothes, or got on really good terms with your roommates and hung out in whatever swimwear you had on hand for such situations….or just occupied the Ath for indefinite amounts of time. In my senior year, I lived in Welsh Hall (which, let’s all be honest, will always be ‘the T’ to class of 2012), which had air conditioning, spacious common areas, and magnificent windows. I’m not being a suck-up, it really is probably the nicest apartment I will ever live in.

Front entrance to The T. Image courtesy of Goucher.

However, now that I work in an office, I have suddenly realized that heatwaves and office places don’t mix, especially if the AC is on the fritz. While you can wear pretty much anything at Goucher ranging from a romper to a banana suit, braving the NYC heat in work-appropriate attire is more of a crapshoot: you either come out of the subway covered in sweat, or you don’t come out at all. As a result I’ve found myself on the hunt for summer dresses that are light enough so that I won’t die, and formal enough so my coworkers won’t be horrified. I’ve pretty much completely boycotted jeans because of how unbreathable they are. Here’s what I’ve come up with (by which I mean I googled and liked):

Image courtesy of Lush Fab Glam.

Image courtesy of Ovi Female.

Hopefully this helps any other lady gophers that have been trying to dress to impress without sweating to death on the way to work!

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