If You Are Unemployed And You Know It, Grab Your Mouse!

Image courtesy of Loanmixx.

Getting a job these days is getting pretty rough, especially if you’re straight out of college. Even for those still in college, the prospect of getting the necessary experience is daunting, horrifying, even enough to send the best of us crawling back under the covers and shivering in fear. But you should know there are some hot new resources out there for current and graduated students. Check them out!

Image courtesy of Glass Door

If you are a current student, here are some hot new places to find that experience you really need to succeed:

The Levo League – Helping Gen Y Women*

85 Broads – Women’s business network*

Internmatch.com – Find your summer 2012 internship

Intern Sushi – Be Picky And Get Exactly What You Want

(*denotes that this opportunity is only available for female applicants)

Image courtesy of Forbes.

If you are a graduate, check out these grad-focused job search tools:

Levo League Graduation 2012 Partnership with Her Campus*

85 Broads – Women’s business network*

Mashable Jobs – Stay savvy, search smart

Indeed – Mass Job Searcher

The Ladders – Find a job that is relevant to your career

(*denotes that this opportunity is only available for female applicants)

Monster.com reminds me a bit of the monster from Ghostbusters, and that’s not a good thing.

Though Linkedin and Monster may seem like great places to find work, you often end up never hearing back, getting bizarre spam emails from putting you resume out there, and often end up just as unemployed as you were before. How do I know? I applied to countless jobs through Linkedin (I’d estimate well over 30), and only heard back form one job that I ended up not pursuing. I applied to one position on Levo League, and received an email in less than a week.

Mad at your boss? Hate your job? Pissed you don’t have one? Keep it to yourself! Image courtesy of Sexy Social Media.

Another helpful tip? If you have Twitter, Facebook, or a personal blog….don’t whine about how you haven’t been hired yet or how much you hate your current job. Chances are, you’re giving potential employers another reason not to to hire you!

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