Transcending Boundaries; Leaving the Bubble

Mom and I are now full-time New Yorkers…well mostly

Hey! My name is Chaz. I graduated from Goucher College this year, left the ‘bubble’, and have since entered the city that never sleeps. I moved into the city, got a job, and learned the subway system in a matter of weeks. After what seems like an insane rollercoaster ride, I figured I’d share some snippets of what city life has been like. I promise every post will be prompt, painless, and very concise (or more accurately, short).

This one, due to some lost time, will be a bulleted list of what you missed!

So Far:

  • I’ve been on the 15th floor of the New York Times building for several panels about female entrepreneurship and tech startups in New York presented by Women Innovate Mobile.
  • I applied for a job using The Levo League, and got a response back criminally fast with an interview. I got the job in no time at all. And love it.
  • I’ve started working as an intern for Appguppy Mobile, working mostly as the Social Media Coordinator / Community Manager.
  • I also write for their Tumblr
    I also write for their Tumblr. This is the view from my keyboard most mornings.
  • I’ve seen Childish Gambino perform at the Prospect Park Bandshell in Brooklyn. And nearly died of happiness.

Snapped this from my new smartphone while I was there. Set a new lifetime goal to meet him.

  • I’ve received quality career advice from posters I find around my building.

Actual poster in our building

  • I’ve been written up for the Alumni Spotlight and will be featured in a Goucher Quarterly article soon.
  • I’ve attended a live event for Gallop NYC, a therapeutic riding program that I am looking into becoming involved with.
  • I’ve finished my 3rd successful year as an event coordinator/founder/committee member of Healing Hooves 2012.
  • I’ve moved into a NY apartment.
  • I’ve gotten to interview countless musicians and influential people for the Appguppy Tumblr.
  • I’ve learned that Houston street is said “How-ston” not “Hoo-ston”.
  • I’ve met the founder of Gilt.
  • I am going to interviewing my musical idol Jane Lui very soon!

Jane Lui herself. Image courtesy of Bicoastal Bitchin

And I think so far that is all I have to say about my new and misguidedly glamorous life.

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